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Audio Text Industry – The adult phone fantasy industry is one part of a larger Adult entertainment industry that offers adult entertainment over the telephone. AlphaNet Information Systems provides this entertainment for a fee. Calls are $2.50 per minute for the first 10 minute minimum. Additional time will be billed in blocks of 5 minutes at $2.50 per minute for a total of $10.00 per block. Please inquire if you have any questions.

How It Works – When you call us … You will be asked for your:

Your Name

Type of Credit Card you will be using

Credit Card Number

Expiration Date

Three Digit Security Code on the Back of the Card

Street Number and Zip Code.

Phone Number. This is for credit card verification only, we do not do any mailings from this company. We will place you on hold while we obtain the authorization for your card. When we return we will inform you whether the card was accepted or not. If the card is declined, the Bank Service Company does not give us a reason. You will need to call your bank or the card issuing company.

Credit Cards Used РCurrently we are only able to accept Visa  Master Card, Discover, AMEX and Debit Cards with the Visa/MasterCard Logo.  We also offer an on-line billing option

(Click Here).

Billing Information – All calls will appear on your credit card statement as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC. Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-331-7741. If for any reason a charge appears on your card other then AlphaNet Information Systems please notify us at or by phone at 1-800-331-7741.

Charges – All calls to any of the Entertainers have a 10 minute minimum for a total of $25.00 and billed in United States Denominations. Additional time will be billed in blocks of time at $2.50 per minute., and will show on your credit card receipt as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.

Dispute Information – All charges that may be in question can be directed to customer Service at 1-800-331-7741. Any unauthorized use of a card will be promptly refunded. Any change back made by the card holder will result in the company call the holder to resolve the issue.

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