Adult entertainment Company

AlphaNet Information Systems LLC is currently looking for highly motivated females that are looking to work from home on their own schedules. If you are a self-starter and have the knack to work as a phone sex operator or webcam model then we are looking for you. We have been in the Adult Entertainment industry for over ten years. Do not be fooled by third party processors and fly by night companies using someone else to run your transactions. We are an independent company own and operated by phone sex operators and webcammers. We have the experience to help you help your self as an independent contractor.

For established entertainers

For Adult entertainers looking for a partnership, and have their own web sites and looking for a way to process.
This section will explain a little more on what we are looking for:

  • Must be a professional Adult Entertainer of legal age
  • You must have your own web sites and a way to promote your self
  • Must have your own toll free phone numbers (note)
  • Must be honest, reliable, and detail oriented
  • Must have a windows based machine and internet access
  • Must be willing to use our processor
  • Must be willing to display our billing information on any page with your phone number on it
  • you must accept all responsibility for Charge Backs and all fees.
  • Billing is a minimum of $2.00 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. You may charge more if you wish.

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Pay Informaiton:

  • We Pay weekly
    • Your cut for will be a 70/30 split.

Toll Free Phone:

We can provied a toll free number for you. You will be billed all charges to accociated with your toll free number plus a weekly $4.00 to process it for you.


You will have to supply your own content to use on your own web sites. We will not assume any responsibiliy for you violating copyright.


If you are an escort and provide a legal service to the business community, you can fill out this application. Your application for processing will be handled on a case by case bases.

All entertainers will be required to supply their SS number for tax purposes and a copy of a government issued ID card to show proof of age. We will not process for anyone under the age of 18.


Fulll service phone sex / webcam

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a webcam, phone sex or other legal adult position with us. We are also looking for self motivated girls that are looking for a great opportunity to work form home and have us provide the web hosting and set you up with a toll free phone number to get you started. After you fill out our quick application we will look it over to see where you will be a good fit. You can also provide us with a professional or fetish picture so we may be able to place you on the correct fetish site. I will tell you a bit more about our service and what requirements you need to meet in order to obtain a job with us and work as a phone sex / web cam operator after we review your application and give you a call.

We are currently accepting applications for Webcam
and phone sex entertainers.  We do issue 1099’s to all contractors so if you
any concerns with that or will be unable to put forth the effort
required as an independent contractor, then we recommend you continue to
receive your state and federal welfare assistance and find another service
to better meet your needs.

We pay based on experience and the amount of time you are will to work. Each contractor is individually negotiated.

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Other Information:

For working with us as an independant contractor we will supply you with:

  • A web site
  • A Toll Free Number
  • For web cam entertainers making over $1000.00 a week we will negotiate the split with you on a case-by-case bases.

Toll Free Phone:

We will provide a toll free number for you. You will be billed all charges associated with your toll free number

After 90 Days:

If after 90 you are unable to process at least $100.00 per week then will will have to let you go.


You may use any of our content or provide your own. Should you choose to use your own content, you will be required to supply us will a copy of the license agreement.

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